Letting Go of Imposter Syndrome

Stop Overthinking, Release Self-Doubt and Anxiety, and Embrace Who You Truly Are

Constant self-doubt, discounting one’s own ability despite external evidence to the contrary, performance anxiety, and worry about being “found out”—these are some of the most common symptoms of imposter syndrome. Yet, most people who grapple with it don’t know about it and think there’s something inherently wrong with them.
Although many people experience self-doubt when they are attempting something outside of their comfort zone, this usually goes away after the event from which they learn and grow; however, for those with imposter syndrome, the self-doubt never goes away, because they intellectually know that they’re bright and capable, but doubt themselves at a deep level—who they are.
This stops them from reaching for opportunities they know inside that they could do, and they hold themselves back, never expressing their true potential. They feel ashamed and alone in their experience and often hide it even from their loved ones.

In this “workshop in a book,” you’ll understand why tackling the individual symptoms of imposter syndrome on their own, such as perfectionism, self-doubt, or lack of confidence, are short-lived and ineffective by themselves. You’ll also get to understand the underlying issue that must be addressed instead
Throughout the book, you’ll discover proven strategies to tame the endless overthinking and critical mind-chatter, question societal norms, and redefine your definition of success. With practical exercises and real-life anecdotes, you’ll learn to embrace your unique talents, celebrate your achievements, and confidently step into your authentic self.
Letting Go of Imposter Syndrome is an intensely personal guide to recognizing your value, uncovering genuine self-belief and embracing the incredible person you truly are.

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  • A PDF copy of the Imposter Syndrome Questionnaire to assess your personal progress.

What to Do When You Feel Like a Fake

I was honored to be a guest on Melody Ann’s Author Nation podcast. Melody Ann runs a community for non-fiction authors, helping them to improve their writing skills and to reach the world with their message. Take a listen to the podcast episode, where we talk about imposter syndrome. If you’re an author, be sure to check out Author Nation too at

About the Author

Hi! It’s Serena Choo, the author of Letting Go of Imposter Syndrome. I grappled with imposter syndrome for many years before I knew there was a term for the way I felt. It was triggered for me in a big way after I left the corporate world to set up my own business as a coach, though on looking back, I can see various traits that were already there from a young age. So I’ve known the pain and angst of living the paradox of knowing on the one hand that I’m smart and capable, yet not feeling good enough on the other, and afraid that others would discover I wasn’t as successful as they thought.

As a coach for over 25 years, I also worked with many clients who had the same challenges as I did with imposter syndrome. But I had to get over my own self-perceived shame and vulnerability of admitting to having felt like an imposter in the first place, before I felt ready to share my perspective more widely. Now I’ve put my knowings and insights into this book, because I want for you to know how you can be free, comfortable and centered in yourself, when you too have let go of imposter syndrome and opened to embracing your true authentic self.

Give yourself permission to let go of imposter syndrome, and allow your true authentic self to unfold and shine.

Serena Choo
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