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About the Author

Hi! It’s Serena Choo, the author of Letting Go of Imposter Syndrome. I grappled with imposter syndrome for many years before I knew there was a term for the way I felt. It was triggered for me in a big way after I left the corporate world to set up my own business as a coach, though on looking back, I can see various traits that were already there from a young age. So I’ve known the pain and angst of living the paradox of knowing on the one hand that I’m smart and capable, yet not feeling good enough on the other, and afraid that others would discover I wasn’t as successful as they thought.

As a coach for over 25 years, I also worked with many clients who had the same challenges as I did with imposter syndrome. But I had to get over my own self-perceived shame and vulnerability of admitting to having felt like an imposter in the first place, before I felt ready to share my perspective more widely. Now I’ve put my knowings and insights into this book, because I want for you to know how you can be free, comfortable and centered in yourself, when you too have let go of imposter syndrome and opened to embracing your true authentic self.

Give yourself permission to let go of imposter syndrome, and allow your true authentic self to unfold and shine.

Serena Choo
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